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Looking For Sheepdogs To Review Equipment

If you are a Sheepdog and enjoy testing the limits of high end equipment, this may be an opportunity for you. Sheepdog is looking for relevant content for our followers. If you think you can deliver, contact us at info@sheepdogtactical.caPlease include a Bio as well as a Portfolio. We want to know who you are, why you do what you do and need to know that you can write.

Sheepdog Manufacturing

  Sheepdog has quickly become one of the leaders in manufacturing high quality, specialty equipment for our clients that can only settle for the best.We have applied our experience and knowledge to the development of products to create state of the art equipment. We are currently offering both Kydex and Nylon products. Custom features and details are our specialty. We design all of our gear from a users perspective. There is a huge amount of tactical nylon gear and Kydex holsters on the market. We offer a solution to off-the-shelf limitations with both custom nylon equipment and Kydex holsters and sheaths.Maybe you require gear to serve a specific purpose or have an idea for something ...

Sheepdog is appointed Canadian Distributor of Milspec Range of Firebird Reactive Targets

Sheepdog Tactical Equipment & Training is proud to announce that we have been chosen as the exclusive distributor of the Firebird Tactical line in Canada. The Milspec range of Firebird Tactical Targets was developed as an unrivalled revolutionary Exploding Hit-Recognition system. This system was designed to provide specialist training systems to Police and Military.This innovative product line offers instant hit recognition that is visible up to 3000m away. Not only does Firebird offer superior daytime training aids but they also offer unique Infrared targets for low light or night time applications. Both, Active and Passive (IR) models are available. Sheepdog is excited to offer thi...