The primary objective of the basic course is to familiarize our students with proper drills and weapon manipulation. This course is to set you up for success. Whether you are a new shooter or one with some developed bad habits, the basics are the key to success. We will provide our students with all the skills necessary to advance.
Introduction of the instructors and students
Range and Safety Briefing
Kit selection and placement
Static Shoot for Assessment
Theory and Dry Practice of Basic Fundamentals 
Draw Mechanics
IA's and Stoppage Drills
Reload Drills
Positional Shooting
Shooting around Obstructions
Presentation & Shot Placement
Speed and Accuracy on Single and Multiple Targets
Movement While Shooting
Confirmation Shoot for Assessment
Semi Auto Pistol
Reliable OWB Holster
Reliable OWB Magazine Pouches
Minimum 3 Magazines
300-500 Rounds of Ammunition
Ear Protection
Eye Protection
Appropriate Clothing
1 Day: 0930 - 1630

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