The primary objective of our advanced course is to give you the skills necessary to operate in a dynamic environment without compromising the basics. This will include team movement and communication in a dynamic environment. The focus of this course will be the 3 dimensional aspect of shooting environments. We will be sure to expose the students to shooting under stress on this course.
Introduction of the instructors and students
Range and Safety Briefing
Kit selection and placement
Dynamic Shoot for Assessment
Theory and Dry Practice 
Improvised Positional Shooting
Injured Shooter Drills
Team Movement
Team Communication
Navigating Obstacles & Barricades
Draw Mechanics
Speed and Accuracy on Single and Multiple Targets
Movement While Shooting
Confirmation Scenario Shoot for Assessment
Semi Auto Pistol
Reliable OWB Holster
Reliable OWB Magazine Pouches
Minimum 3 Magazines
1000 Rounds of Ammunition
Ear Protection
Eye Protection
Appropriate Clothing
1 Day 0930 - 1700

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