Sheepdog has quickly positioned itself at the forefront when it comes to manufacturing mission specific equipment for our clients that can not settle for anything but the best.

We have applied our experience and knowledge to the development of products to create state of the art equipment for our clients. We are currently manufacturing both Kydex and Nylon products here in Canada. We design all of our gear from an end users perspective. 

There is a huge amount of tactical nylon gear and Kydex holsters on the market. We offer a solution to off-the-shelf limitations with both custom nylon equipment and Kydex holsters and sheaths.

We take great pride in listening to our clients and catering to their unique circumstances to create mission specific equipment.

If you have a requirement that is "outside the norm", contact us to get your project started. We have the tools and skills required to turn your requirement into a piece of equipment that you can count on.

Our products are purpose built, from chest rigs to holsters, our gear is made to function and does not fail. From a simple belt to a complex plate carrier system; we guarantee we can design and deliver a state of the art piece of equipment to you. All of our products are Designed and Manufactured right here in Canada. 

 Contact Sheepdog to get started on a project or to request a quote.

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