The Sheepdog Shooting team is comprised of Subject Matter Experts (SME) from an array of agencies and dynamic backgrounds.

Our personnel have taken the knowledge they've attained worldwide and applied it to Sheepdog.

When trying to showcase mission specific equipment, you need operators showing operators the capabilities. Not "Salesmen".

Sheepdog has the operators capable of testing, evaluating and demonstrating the capabilities of very specialized mission specific equipment, in both dynamic environments as well as adverse conditions. All of which are required when trying to sell a highly professional and specialized group on leading edge equipment.

Our Experience and expertise combined with our large network of key personnel makes us an imperative component when trying to get your products into the hands of operators while delivering your crucial message.

We appreciate and understand the importance in which these products will be employed. As well as the importance of maintaining brand integrity.

If you have equipment or a specific product that you need to get in front of the "boots on the ground" or the "decision makers", Contact Sheepdog.