Tactical TrainingSheepdog has integrated the most current and relevant procedure systems in order to provide elite level tactical training to government agencies and the private sector. The following is an overview of tactical training offered. Be sure to contact us for more detailed information. 

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To ensure the highest degree of service delivery, Sheepdog maintains an active network of subject matter experts, consultants and associates to address all aspects of tactical, armed security and protective training.  The personal we deploy to the client are recruited from Governmental Security Organizations, Military, Law Enforcement and Private Security. All personnel are required to have specialized expert level skill sets and are selected and retained based on stringent criteria. This allows us to deliver real world, relevant instruction. 

To meet the needs of tactically minded individuals of the public Sheepdog has opened some of our Tactical Training courses to the general public. A basic capabilities test will be conducted to ensure an individual can safely complete training prior to their acceptance on any training program we offer. 

Courses are offered in a range of applications: individual skills coaching and development, through to team and full scale unit scenario training integration.  



  • Pistol Operator
  • Carbine Operator
  • Shotgun Operator
  • Marksman / Precision Shooter
  • Sniper


  • Hand to Hand Combative/Weapon Retention
  • Executive Protection 
  • Convoy / Motorcade Operations
  • Urban / Rural Operations
  • Tac-Med 
  • Active Shooter planning and response


  • Hostile environment security operations
  • Escape and Evasion
  • Insertion / Extraction
  • Low light tactical operations
  • Use of Force
  • Tailored Courses
  • Train the Trainer