There are lots of backcountry survival courses out there that teach you how to prepare shelter, start a fire, and collect sustenance… But do you know how to survive in an urban setting? 

The average person spends 95% of their time in an urban environment, yet spend the majority of their planning and preparation on backcountry settings. Fact is, most Urban Survival techniques and objectives are completely different from that of wilderness survival. 

The threat is real and in most cases each person will experience at least one situation during their lifetime that Urban Survival skills would be an asset. It is essential to be effectively prepared in order to prevent yourself from being a victim of circumstance. 

There are 2 scenarios we must divide Urban Survival into: 

1) Personal adverse events such as robbery, assault or home invasion.
2) Large scale events such as natural disasters, economic collapse or homeland terrorist attack.

While we understand the fundamentals of this course can be applied to both situations, we are going to focus on the large scale urban survival events during this course. 

We will address topics covering:

  • Emergency Preparedness and Planning
  • Skill Development and Training
  • Situational Awareness
  • Threat Assessment