Firebird Milspec iDent Active Reactive Targets


Milspec iDent Target Active

The Firebird Tactical Milspec iDent Targets are designed specifically for use in tactical environments. The effect of ignition when hit has a visual range of 3000m. The Milspec iDent casing is magnetized, enabling the instant fixing of it to any ferrous surface in all weathers together with having a high tack hot melt rubber adhesive disc enabling the targets to be left for extended periods in poor weather conditions.

For use in low light and night time shooting practices, Firebird Tactical’s unique Milspec iDent Active is self-illuminating, laser reflective, has an infra-red signature and powered UV luminosity enabling it to be used as a practical reactive target. The Milspec iDent Active Target is available in 100mm and 200mm square.
  • 100mm and 200mm square
  • Magnetic
  • Self-adhesive
  • Water proof
  • Laser reflective
  • Light reflective
  • Self-illuminating
  • Active Infra-red signature
  • Powered UV luminosity
  • Active UV luminosity
  • Low light and night time target (24/7)
  • Visible through night scope in excess of 1000m
  • Magnetic flux switch
  • Pyrotechnically reactive to all live-firing weapons
 For sale to Government Agencies, Licensed Private Security Companies or Approved Mil/ LE Training Entities only
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