Survival Armor Falcon 6



The Falcon6 is Survival Armor’s premium high performance package. The Falcon6 utilizes an innovative ballistic package to optimize both performance and wearability. Using our state-of-the-art ballistic design combined with our proprietary Super-Flex1 Fabric, Survival Armor provides the officer a soft, flexible, high performance vest. This ballistic package combined with our REVOLUTIONARY LDSS (Load Distributing Strapping System), a patented new ergonomic strapping system, allows you to feel like you’re wearing nothing at all.....Falcon6 the most comfortable vest available!

FALCON6 Features
• NIJ-STD-0101.06 – certified complete size range
C1 – C5
• Innovative ballistic package:
• Special Threat Testing beyond NIJ-STD-0101.06
• Military Specification Fragmentation Tested
• Approved for Special Warfare Use
• Patented VisiBallistic Viewport
• Vertex moisture wicking anti-microbial carrier system

Super Flex 3D Fabric
Survival Armor’s proprietary weave produces an innovative high performance fabric. Using new technology with proven ballistic fibers, Super-Flex offers superior strike face performance over traditional weaves. This new technology increases the performance of the vest by to methods. One, it slows down the cutting and spinning of the bullet. Two, it increases the speed at which the bullet deforms and flattens out.

"From box to body, this is the most comfortable and softest vest I’ve worn. I couldn’t be happier."
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