TGR2 Less Lethal CQB Carbine


Model: TGR2 Carbine
Caliber: 0.68(17mm) and Fin Stabilized Round Ready
Action: Semi Automatic – open bolt Blowback
Fire Selector: Ambidextrous
Rail System: 8" Quad RIS
Magazine release: Ambidextrous
Propellant: HPA, CO2 or Nitrogen

Working Pressure: 650+ PSI
Ball Feed: 18 round Spring loaded Magazine Fed
Standard Barrel Length: 9”
Barrel type: Smooth Bore 0.69
Total Length: 29.5”
Weight: 2.4KG/5.3LB
Muzzle Velocity: Up to 400FPS

Designed to fire:
PAVA, rubber, powder, marking and glass breaking projectiles.