Tim-14 Multi Purpose Thermal Imaging Monocular


The Thermal Imaging Multi-Purpose Monocular TIM-14 is one of the most versatile thermal imagers available. Designed to meet the needs of the individual user engaged in ground-based operations, the TIM-14 can be run in several configurations. The maximized versatility of the TIM-14 makes it one of the most operation-ready thermal imagers on the market.
The TIM-14 is a very innovative device that we are pleased to offer. Similar units that match its versatility are few and far between. The ability to helmet-mount the TIM-14 is an extremely valuable asset because it allows for hands free navigation whether searching wreckage, hunting wild boar, or moving through hostile territory. In addition, the sturdy throw-lever weapon mount is rock solid. The linear design of the body housing has the controls placed on top, making them very accessible to both right and left-handed users. Speaking of the housing, we have found it to be extremely sturdy and able to stand up to impacts in the field. We have found the OLED display screen to provide high contrast/ resolution images at typical engagement ranges. Overall the TIM-14 is a very solid unit that, we are confident, will meet your mission needs. The TIM-14 also features the ability to be connected to an external video monitor, a recorder or a Head Mounted Display

APPLICATIONS: Surveillance, Border security, Aerospace, Military, Maritime,Tactical Entry, Evidence Retrieval, Marine Patrol, Disturbed Surfaces, Search and Rescue, Hidden Compartments, Officer Safety, Fugitive Searches, Reconnaissance